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Knowing about Human Brain nerve

Human brain nerve is a part of human brain that works just like the internet of the body. Its function is to delivers information from all over the body to be processed in the brain as well as storing memories, determine personalities, arranging way of speech, and determine emotion for human. This nervous system is […]

Organs on Right Side of Body and Their Functions

Human body consists of lots of organs and they divided into two parts; organs on right side of body and the left one. In this article, I will focus on the right side. Many of organs on the right side are a pair of the one on the left side, but that doesn’t mean that […]

Basic Human Body System

Human body system is the most complex system that the human ever encounter. Body system is a collection of many systems in the body that works as unison in order to keep the human going on. There are three examples of organ system that works in unison; the respiratory system, digestive system, and circulatory system. […]

Concerning Shoulder Muscle Anatomy

Shoulder muscle anatomy is one of the most complicated compilations of muscle because of the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body. The muscles of the shoulder connect its transitions from the torso into the neck area and into the upper parts of the arms and hands. For that reason and […]

Anatomy of Human Throat and its Functions

Anatomy of human throat is often described as intersection of life. The reason for that name is because the throat starts in the same part of the body, the pharynx, and from there it’s divided into two separate ways called the larynx and esophagus. The pharynx is located in the back of the mouth where […]

Various Function of the Human Ear

There are various functions of the human ear, but first let’s talk about the structure of the ear first. The ear is located on the each side of the human head that works as human auditory organ in general. Human ear have three parts, the external ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The […]

Importance of Right Kidney Anatomy

Kidney is the most important body organ which is divided into right kidney anatomy and left kidney anatomy. Although both of the right and the left are kidney, the function and the location differs one another. The general kidney function is to filter the blood and subtract the unnecessary substance like water and other material […]

Concerning Human Foot Anatomy

Human foot anatomy looks so simple from the outside, but in fact there are lots more than meets the eye to its simplicity that lies beneath the skin. This part of leg is the one we always been using as our means to be able to stand. The anatomy of this part of leg is […]

Knowing Deeper about Human Leg Muscle Nerve

There are tons of human leg muscle nerves that are contained inside the leg. It is really interesting to learn further about human nerve system since there are a lot of great things that are created by God inside your body. There are a lot of nerves that are contained on each part of human […]

The Complexity of human organ anatomy

Human organ anatomy inside human body is one of the most complex mechanisms that ever exist. It consist of many different body organs that supporting each other to make different system to support human life. Of course, there are many human organ body systems inside human body and almost all of them are crucial for […]